Hand-Dipped Chocolate Covered Creme Centers

At one time, all chocolates were dipped by hand.  When candy companies began to use "enrobing" machines to increase production, they had to make their creme centers harder so the machines could handle them.  And because chocolate is expensive, they made the coats thinner.  We want to keep our chocolates as creamy and delicious as ever, so we still dip by hand, giving each piece an extra generous coating of the best chocolate you've ever tasted.

The shiny and attractive appearance of our chocolates is not possible with machine dipping.  When your guests or gift recipients open a box of Lowery's candy, they'll know, even before the first taste, that you cared enough to present them with something very, very special.

How can one tell a lemon creme from a mint?  A Meltaway from a dipped caramel?  As a chocolate is dipped, the finishing touch is a "throw," a signature on the top which, to the knowing eye, reveals what's inside.